These are just SOME of the Emails we received before we started our Guestbook

Hello Brian, Hello Maggie,

this is a dedication email far from Chicago, USA. I would like to dedicate a song 'True Color' of Phil Collins for my boyfriend Dai Ye in Shanghai on his 26th birthday on August 11. As I was in Shanghai, your music channel is always my favorite, such as 'Nestle music time' and 'hello from Britain', especially when I was in the university, I even couldn't live without listening to your music every day, but I never tried to dedicate some song for some one until this time, in need of my work, I have to stay here in Chicago for 6 months, so that I'll miss my boyfriend's birthday on August. I wish you could realize this dedication for me, although I cann't hear it by myself. Please tell him that I love the suprise every time he gave me before, and this is the first time I design this surprise for him. I hope he will enjoy it. I miss him very much.

Please give me a reply, if I reach you both and if it's possible to dedicate this special song on that special date for me and for my boyfriend. But whatever, I thank you anyway very much for your special work to spread so much beautiful music to China!


Your sincerely,

Ella from Chicago, IL, USA

hello maggie and brayn:

I am a junior of chemisty department of FuDan university.Although I have been listening to your program for six years .This is the first
time I have ever dropped you a line.Maybe i am too lazy. But i have to do experiment in lab this summer.So I get the leisure to do the things
I have been long to. I am a big big big big fan of Britain pop. I had already have the first and the third album of OASIS.I have been
searching the"WHAT'S THE STORY ,MORNING GLORY?" for four years.But I will never i can find it in the stand of the graduates.When i get the cassette,i can help jumping.

I am also a big big big fan of Holland football.At first Ajax is my favorite team. But when all the players followed Louis Van Ghal(the
former coach of the Ajax) to Barcelona.I began to stand for barcelona. I think holland is very unfortunate.It can play the best football,but
it cannot win the world cup.Maybe it is another reason why i love holland

Please give me the chance to hear the teacher of OASIS:THE VERVE 's song "bitter sweet symphony"Because i cant' find their album in
shanghai. the answerto your questuion is:FIFA.


Good morning! Maggie & Brian

It's a lie if I tell you I listen to HFB every week. But I really enjoyed very much every time I listen to your programe. I visited your website. It's not so woderfully as I imagined. I see it 's in construction, so I can wait. But at least your pictures are very nice. I will remember your smile. ^-^

Hopefully, you won't mind to give me a song afte I speak out so much critical words to you. I love Seal's Kiss from Rose.


Maggie and Bryan:

Hello.First, I'd like to convey my best wish to you ,wish you happy.I am a fan of your Hello From Britain programme---one of my favorite radio programmes Which I have been listening to for nearly four years.Yours really sends me much happiness,makes me relax and gives me many useful things.So thank you very much for all the things you've done.

To tell you the truth,I feel quite boring these days.In the final of our university's football match,I kicked away a penalty shoot and my team lost the game;The final exams has just passed me and next comes the tiresome summer vacation.It's very strange that I always expect holiday when studing but find it meaningless when it really comes.

The books borrowed from library has been left aside.Nothing interesting for me to do except sleeping.How can I live through such a long vacation?

I realize I should pull myself together and do what I want to do.Making a plan and listening to your programme now seem to be efficient ways.Maybe it will really make me find back my happiness.

At last I ask you to play a Beatles'song---Let it be--- for me.I hope I can hear it in sunday morning.If so,that will be very wonderful.Really thank you again.

yours sincerely Mario

Dear Maggie / Margarete & Brian,

Glad to see you through air on every Sunday, I've also visited your under-construction website where I luckly found your two graphs. And there must be a well prepared reason to convey my bless and whisper the words from my heart. It was on June 10 last year, like the else romantic stories, a beautiful night, god got us acknowledge. The scene will surface all the time. Someone defined "love" to be some effects of chemicals ( !? ), and what I experenced is inscription on soul. I was a member of my university's chorus, and she was the hostess of her university. Actually, we've studied
in the same high school, but I'm a very careless fellow what made me really embarass -- I couldn't even just say "hello" on her recognizing me! My chorus had a great success, I hurried pull off my tie running to the back-stage. I think what I did at that critical moment can be the rightest throughout my life.

I wanna tell her, "I'll be your best friend, a pivotal role in our true story. Although I never say too much, never intended to vent my passion of you, please accept this ordinary man knows the simplicityof truth and the meekness of unlimited strength."

Additionally, I'll have my test of the Advanced Interpretation Course on Sept. 19, I wish I can succeed. And endless wishes for my friends ( including Maggie & Brian, of course ), happiness, prosperity, wisdom and health is the most important, etc., really endless.

Well, thanks to Celine Dion and R.Kelly co-operated a graceful " I'm Your Angel " to deliver my unutterable feelings and many many thanks to you two -- my friends in air.

yours, sincerely

Champion Shark Su

Hey Maggie and Brian: *did I spell wrong*

I'm Judy.Long time no c! I wuz busy going over my exams. And now they r all over. So I get my freedom! Yah! D'ya feel happy for me? But Ihaven't got my report yet! I'm kinda worried........ I'll tell u if Idid well in my exams.

WEll, I heard that GEri Halliwell just released her new album "Schizophonic" (how to pronounce it btw?) So could u guy play her song "look at me" next week? Thanx. If u haven't got the CD yet, can u please play "No Scrubs" by TLC?

Thanx alot!

ByeBye! Have a wonderful summer!



this is my frist time to know the "hello from UK" .i think it is wonderful ,i like it .and the "A-Z football" is very charming .

i think the answer of the "C" is :"TRAFFIC LIGHTS" .IS IT ALLRIGHT?THANK YOU for your program .Bye-Bye....

Best regards,


Dear maggie and brian:

I'm demi,from shanghai fisheries university. Today I come to your website and I'mvery surprised to see that maggie and brian are much younger than I had thought. I have been listening your programme for 3 years.Every sunday I will listen to your programme even if I cannot go to the diningroom to have my lunch.It can give me joy, relax and happiness.And I also like to learn the English sentences.I like music very much.Also I can sing many of them.I'd like to listen to the song sailing performed by Rod steelwood.Can you play it for me.Thank you


Hello, Maggie and Brian:

Having been listened to "Hello from Britain" for many years, "Nestle Coffee Music Time" as well . I like your program very much, there are so many
beautiful songs, so many useful English words, and also from your hosts, I know some Scottish custom, which help me broaden my sight even without travel. (as you said in today's program: Travel can broaden sight.) And some activities hosted by your program has given me great impression, like " New years dancing party " held in Holiday Inn couple of years ago.

Being an automation project and customer service engineer, I have to travel on busines every now and then, so I can not listen to your program on every weekend. I could have missed some interesting music and challenging questionsduring the last few month. In today's program, there is a question you give us:

how did the football referee invent the yellow card and red card to warn and punish the soccer player? from what has he got the inspiration? I think the
answer is "traffic light" , the yellow light warns the driver you should be careful and the red one asks you to stop immediately. Am I right?

It's the first time to know the address of HFB's web side, and I visited www.hello.uk.com today. Hope I will have the fortune to take some drinking
in a top bar, with that beautiful T-shirt.

Best Regards

Chen Bin

Dear Brian and Maggie,

I am a student of Fudan University of Shanghai. It's so happy that I can see the homepage of my favorite programme. Although I do not listen to ur programme every time for the busy study and my laziness,(you know, I am so lazy as to bring the radio with me every morning.) anyhow, I love your programme and your voice. Everytime, I happen to turn on the radio, and happen to hear your voice, I will stop my work and listen, listen carefully, just like listen to my best friend after a long break.

Probably, after I write this email, I am still lazy and still can't promise u to listen to your programme every time. Yet, one thing will never change: "Hello from Britain" is my favorite and my heart will go on... ...

Best wishes,

Dimple Gu

Hi, Brian and Maggie:

I'm a radio fan, and surely I'm a "HFB" fan. But usually I'd rather be a silent listener instead of participating in the program. I don;t want to say that to you but I doooo feel lonely and blue these days. I came to work in Shanghai since August of last year, and seem to have no problem living all by myself---- sometimes I really enjoyed that.

These days when I sit in my room on the 14th floor and watching the rain, which seems will never stop, I can't help from feeling lonesome. I miss home a lot. Anyway, I always enjoy Sundays, enjoy your joyful voices and the wonderful music from HFB.

I'm attracted by the Newcastle Brown Ale T-Shirt. I hope I could get one if my answer is correct: the coach was inspired by the yellow and red lights on the crossroads.

Wish you nice days!


Brian and Maggie,

Nice to meet you.I'm a student of Fudan University,Shanghai.Before long I happened to listen to this music program,and I like it very much.But the summer vocation is coming,which means that I will be not able to listen to you.That is bad,but I have to go back home.My hometown is Guangdong.

So next Sunday is my last time of this term to hear the radio.I'll come back soon.I like Boyzone and M.L.T.L.,and I hope that I could hear their songs this time.Thank you.

I've seen both of your photos.Maggie is lovely and Brian is so cool. And I would like to know how you work,can you tell me?

yours Marine

Dear Maggie & Brian:

I am Judith (from Shanghai University). This is the first time I send you an E-mail, but it!-s the second time I write to Hello From Britain program.

Maggie: thank you for using my snail mail last December.

As an old friend of HFB, I!-m crazy about our program. It!-s our program, isn!-t it? I cannot wait such a long long time until Sunday morning. Every Sunday, when time closes to 10!-clock, I always stick around the radio, and even not willing to move away an inch. I indulge myself in the fantastic music and your attractive voice. You bring me courage and strength when I am in bad mood, and you are a reliable friend, although I cannot see you face to face.

I!-m happy to tell you that I!-ve seen your mega photos on HFB!-s web-site. They!-re extremely COOL!!!

Finally, I wanna send a song to my friends. They are TT, Lola, Kayek, SiSi and Maybelline.

Happy birthday to Maybellie on July 18th! Thanks TT!-s supporting when I was in depression.

I would be grateful if you could send a song named HAND or one of the songs of my favorite band TAKE THAT !!!

Thank you!

With Best Wishes

Judith Lin

Dear Anderson,

I have read your article in English Corner of 21st Century. I know some information about the music activities of England and Ireland.

I want to know more material about that, and if you are convenient please introduce some interesting articels about UK.

Thank you!

Your Sincerely
Tieli Ma

Dear Maggie:

How are you?

It is the first time I wrote to you, to my favourite programme. It is wonderful, I think. I am a fresh man in English Major at an Institute of Foreign Languages. I like English, and I also like music.As far as you know, my classmates and I must take the training of listening and talking. Although we study British English at the school, we have to listen to American English all time, in cassettes, in video. Most of our class prefer British English to American English. Because it is pure and formal.

I know there are some differences between British English and Scotish English. Could you tell me that?

We enjoy HFB very much. We hope the programme will go on and go on, never stop. Or we will feel sad. We've consider the programme as our best friend.

I want to listen to two songs, is it ok? "Father and Son" from Boyzone "Let it be" from Beetles

The best wish to you and Brian

your sincerely,

Dear Bryan and Maggie,

So glad that I could write you this e-mail.

Believe it or not, I think you two are the most perfect match on the electric wave, bringing me so much happiness. That is also why I would never miss one of your programs. even in the days when I was sitting for my graduate exams.

I wonder if you could broadcast the song "Where have all the cowboys gone?" (Sorry, I'm not sure if the title is right.),for my new working colleagues:shelley Thank you very much!


Hi there Bryan & Maggie,

I would love it if you could help me dedicate this song to my friendsand teachers of Ping He School, who I hope are listening. Unfortunately, this song is not to say hello to them but goodbye as I am flying back tomy country. The song I would like to dedicate is "Goobye" by the Spice Girls. I would really REALLY appreciate it if you could play it. I also wish you all great successes.



Wong Hui Kai

Dear Maggie & Bryan,

It's the first time I've written an Email, and I wrote to you, my favorate Music show. I really love the programme---- HELLO FROM BRITAIN, and I just hope that you can keep on and on ....

And recently I checked my CD collection, and found I was so fasinated about some old song of Eric Clapton, Phil Collins...etc So, Could you please play me a song of Phil , Against all the odds, in your show? 'cause I just love this hit.



I went to HFB website, good work!!

Here's my suggestion: maybe u should put "word of the week" or the English phrase u teach on the site? I think the site should also be educational :)

Just my point of view.


Hello Maggie & Bryan,

I have just heard your program and,eagerly to write to you to get the T-shirt and browse your (our) website.

And the answer to today's football question is:Manchester United is the club taht Beckham serves.

By the way ,I am a student of shanghai jiaotong university,my name is O"eI .I have heard your program for several years,and many of my friends are also like the hfb.And I hope that hfb will be more and more better;we are all suppport you.

I very like the song "Especially for you",and I select the song for all my friends and also to you two.Thanks.

best regards,


Brian and Maggie : hello!

I am a listener. I have heard the program since 1992. But I never epistolize to you . This is the first time .I know David Backham is from UNITED MANCHESTER CLUB. He and his teammate will come to shanghai in next month.


hi Maggie and Brian,

i am an aduience from shanghai, i was visited your website. i feel that's too simple. i've made over 10 website. according to my experience, if u paste some small interesting pictures(GIF animation) on the page, it will be very vivacious...

the most important of a website is the COUNTER. do u know how many people visited your website? so u need a counter to record. (it can be downloaded for free from some ISP)

by the way, did u have a logo of your program? if u don't have it yet, why don't u hold a tournament of design a new logo of our program?

Dear Maggie and Brian,

This is my first Email. I have to tell you how excited I am! So I decided to Email you first.

I like your program very much. And I am glad that I've learnt a lot from it. My favourite hobby is listening to music,especially the classical. The groups I also like are Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls.My favourite singer is Celine Dion. As a matter of fact, I spend more time listening to the masterpieces of Tchaikovsky than the pop music.

I also like sports. I like baseball, football. I like foreign movies. But I can't go to see them. I will have the College Entrance Examination in July. So listening to your program is the only entertain.

Sincerely Yours,

Hello, Maggie:

I like your programe very much. I think it's interesting and popular. Any, it's wonderful. One time, a friend of mine came from Australia listened to it, she also said it's good. I hope you'll not give up this programe no matter what happens, O.K?

Faye Song


['megei] and ['brain], I am your new, careless listener, I don't know how to spell your name, sorry,sorry,sorry....

I love the programme "HFB" from 10:00 to 12:00 every sunday morning, I will listen your programme as long as I have radio or walkman beside me, if I miss it on sunday, I also can listen rebroadcast on tuesday night, but if I still miss the rebroadcast, I don't know whether I can listen it again. theENGLISH LESSON in your programme is very useful for audiences, I have learned many words such as" lovely, clever, get well soon, enthusiastic and so on.

Very lovely, clever, enthusiastic hosts and programme, I will support you from now on .

new listener,

devin xiong( DUIeII )

hello again to m and f:

wow this is the 2nd time that i wrote the same letter to you for the last one was disappeared in some way that i didn't know,maybe i touched wrong key??? well,at first i'd like to intriduce myself to you:my name is curtis,curtis-jin.now "studying "at shanghai university,SILC. yesterday, it was so good to get your program on 101.7fm right on time,as we know hfb was stopped two weeks,and what we heard was the one on 9th of may.we do know the reason for. after all you are back,that's enough!and magie could have fun in scotland,making program in the garden studio,wow,that's so good!!!(will you come back???):-)

today i have a request for you,this summer holiday i will be graduated and what i'm feeling now is the time past so fast!!!here i'd like to wish all my classmates and friends a bright future,GOOD LUCK!!!and i'd like to thaank all my english teachers from u.s.a and australia,new zealand:troy,douglas
lars,carthy,caroline,scott,big david etc.thank you for teaching me good english,so i can understand what frank was saying in hfb!thank you all!!! and i'd like to send a wish to lilieth in SISU,lydia in "a"Ai1 'oNS. finally,i'd like to say thanks to magie and frank,thanks for your HARD WORK,so we can spend these two happy hours on sunday!!! well,i know this might be very late to appear in hfb,or it will never be mentioned, it doesn't matter,at any time i will be right here pray for you!!! thanks a lot!!

yours always: curits-jin

Dear Brian,

I was very glad when I found your E-mail address on the 21st Century. Why I write to you, you may wonder. I just write to say thank you. Thank you for the music you have introduced to me. Thank you for the music world you have brought to me.

Maybe you have forgotten that you have cooperate with Hairong in Nanjin to host the music programme in the earlier 1990s. I was a lonely girl in senior middle school and my friend is my radio. I tuned in for the programme every Sunday morning. I waited for the music, for your humorous
conversation the whole weekdays. I even wrote a letter to you c/o Hairong. You sent me a coffee cup and some instant coffee. This is just triviality to you, but a girl's life was changed since then. I knew that you care about an ordinary girl.

When I went to Suzhou as an university students, I listened to your programme with Maggie.I enjoyed music in your programme, and learned to appreciate the world from music.By the way, Please tell Maggie, I love her voice, and her smile.

I am a teacher at a remote teachers' college in Jiangsu, China. I can not receive your programme now. I really regret missing it. I listen to music in my spare time. Music accomanied me days and nights. I don't feel lonely when I am alone. I know that there are some people who understand me
in the world, because of our love for music.

Fortunately, I found your series article in 21st Century. I have sent an Email to English corner, just to say thank you. Thank you for what you brought to me! Thank you!
All the best!
Yours truly, Ding Weiran


I'm a student , and I'm very interested in ABBA although I haven't heard of it before. I want to know more about ABBA. How can I buythe CD of their great hits? Can you help me?

Thank you !


after reading your column this week about abba's music.there's a wonder in my mind.not long ago the british stars like steps,b*witched,cleopatra(as you mentioned)together sang a medley call"thank abba for the music".as far as i know,that's not quite true.billie was also there for singing.you should've printed billie in the article.i'm sending u this message as a reminder that it is important to tell the readers the correct news fully!i still enjoyed the rest of the article,though.

yours sincerely,

beck d.

Dear Maggie and Bryan,

I'm a student of Shanghai Maritime University(SMU), and I'm a loyal listener of your programme ---HFB. I like both of your soft and gentle voices, I also like the songs you play. Today, I'd like you to play a song of Michale Learns To Rock as a present of Mother's Day for my dear mother. She is a great woman I think. I also want to send this song to every mother in the world.

Thank you!

Xu Zhemin

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